A complete Iran itinerary – What to Do in Iran

A complete Iran itinerary – What to Do in Iran

Before you travel to Iran, these are some travel tips:
When is the best time to visit Iran

Iran’s mild autumn temperatures (September to December) or spring (March to June) are the best times to visit. The south is particularly hot in summer. Winter is too cold to enjoy the deserts and mountains.

Iran Credit Cards

Companies such as MasterCard or Visa are unable to operate in Iran due to economic sanctions. It is therefore not possible to use credit/debit cards from Iran because of these restrictions. There are two options, however – and there is always but – one: You can calculate how much money you’ll need to cover the entire trip and bring cash or you can get an Iranian Tourist Card from a local travel agency.

How to book Iran hotels and tours

All online purchases are prohibited due to the sanctions. You will not be able book flights, hotels, transport, or tours online before your trip to Iran. We are here to help you, not give you problems. There are currently a few Iranian travel agencies that offer such services. One of these is the 1st Quest. We met them during our last trip to Iran. You can book online a variety of Iran-related activities and experiences from them. They are professional and efficient. We highly recommend their services. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with them.

Iran travel visa

To travel to Iran, almost all nationalities require a visa. They can apply for it online or at the airport via the E-Visa system. It is highly recommended that you request the E-Visa before your arrival. We tried it at the airport on our last trip to Iran and were nearly turned away by immigration.

Iran travel insurance

To visit Iran, you must have travel insurance. It is unlikely that you have a travel insurance that covers Iran if it does not cover the entire world. If they claim they cover Iran, you should ask for written proof.

You can also purchase travel insurance to Iran at an airport upon your arrival. The cost is around 14 euros for 30 days. If you want to make sure everything is in order and show immigration officers that you have done your research, you can buy your Iranian travel insurance online or through a local agency.

Your complete Iran itinerary – What to Do in Iran

Here are a few tips before we tell you about the top places to see in Iran.

The cities on this Iran travel itinerary are in order of historical, cultural and tourist “importance/relevance”. If you are short on time, it is best to prioritize the cities mentioned at the start: Tehran, Isfahan Shiraz, Yazd. These four cities make up the “Classic Iran itinerary” and can be completed in less than two weeks.
Iran is a beautiful country, with lots to do. But the best thing about Iran travel is to simply get lost and to talk to people. Accept all invitations to picnics, dinners, and barbecues. You will be able to experience some of the most gracious hospitality anywhere in the world.

– Tehran

We recommend a stay of two to three days in Tehran to view the top attractions.

Tehran, Iran’s capital is chaotic but vibrant. This place is full of art and history that should be included in your Iran itinerary.

Tehran is home to 9 million people, people who love xnxx مترجم, making it Iran’s largest city. It is home to the largest number urban parks in the world, making it an ideal destination for endless walks in the open.

Depending on your schedule, we recommend that you spend two to three days in Tehran. You can spend more time in Tehran if you wish.
Tourist attractions in Tehran

  • Golestan Palace;
  • National Museumb
  • Azadi Tower;
  • Tabiat Bridge: Also known as “Nature Bridge”, this bridge was built by a young Iranian woman. It is a great place to meet families and couples. It is best to visit the bridge in the late afternoon, when it is busy and the weather is nice.
  • Valiasr Street is the longest street in Middle East, and it’s a place where young people meet at night.
  • Darband is a mountain neighborhood with many shops and restaurants. This is also where you start your two-day hike up the mountain.
  • Central Bazaar: We are not experts at shopping so we don’t find anything unique about the area. If you enjoy this type of activity, Tehran’s Central Bazaar is a must-see. It is beautiful, however.
    You can visit many parks and get lost in the night. Then, you will be invited to a picnic with your family. You don’t have to wait, just go through the parks and wait.
  • Bam-e Tehran: This is the place at the top of the mountain that’s also known as Tehran’s roof. It is a great place to see the sunset over Tehran. You can also enjoy a zip line ride, bungee jumping, skiing, and delicious food in the area.
  • Bonus: It is possible to ski in Tehran during winter. We didn’t try it (we traveled both times in midsummer), however, we heard that the tracks in Central Asia are some of the best.

Where to Stay in Tehran

We had a pleasant experience on our last trip to Tehran with Hannah Boutique Hotel, which we consider the best hotel in Tehran. Although their rates aren’t the most affordable, the location is truly special.

It is located in the heart Iran’s capital in an historic house that was renovated by a couple of famous architects to become a luxurious accommodation. Every room in the Hannah Boutique Hotel is unique and has an artistic feel. The breakfast is delicious and you can meet other Iranians at the Hanna Boutique in the evenings. Even if you don’t plan on staying at Hanna Boutique, we recommend that you have a meal at their restaurant.

Hi Tehran Hostel is a great option if you’re looking for something less expensive. The hostels are located in a charming, cosy house that offers single and shared rooms.

– Isfahan (Esfahan)

We recommend spending two to three days visiting Isfahan to see its top attractions

Isfahan, also known as Esfahan, is perhaps the most beautiful Iranian city. It’s like an open-air museum where you can see some of the most beautiful examples of Islamic and Persian architecture.

Isfahan, the capital of the Persian Empire from 1592 to 1722, was known as “Half the World”, a reference to the fact that it carries half the beauty there is in the world. There are many amazing gardens, squares and mosques to explore in the city, as well as two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Tourist attractions in Isfahan

Naqsh-e Jahan Square: Also known as Imam Square this UNESCO World Heritage Site literally translates to “Image of the World”. Naqsh-e Jahan Square, which was constructed in the middle of the Persian Empire, aims to capture the grandeur and essence of that period. You will also find the Sheikh Lotfollah Moque, the Imperial Bazaar, and the Palace of Ali Qapu in the same square. We recommend that you visit all of them, but especially the Ali Qapu Palace.
Jameh Mosque, Masjed-e Jame: Located a bit away from Isfahan’s tourist center and largely ignored by most tourists, this mosque is another UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Isfahan. It is definitely worth a visit.

Cross the Si-o Se Pol Bridge.
Visit the Khaju Bridge
Stroll around Chahar bagh Abbasi
Enjoy the Armenian Quarter in Jolfa including the Vank Cathedral.

Isfahan: Where to Stay

The Kianpour Historical House, a charming boutique hotel in Isfahan was our home. It is situated in an old palace dating back to the Qajar Era (1789-1925). It is an impressive reconstruction by Mr. Kianpour, an Iranian architect who is very skilled. If you are interested in staying there, ask the owner to take you pictures of the palace prior to the renovation.

The Howzak House is a great option for travellers who are looking for an affordable hotel in Isfahan. The Howzak is also located in an old Iranian house and offers private rooms with shared bathrooms. You can also take Persian cooking classes there.


We recommend that you spend three days visiting Shiraz’s most popular attractions

Shiraz, one of the most important Iranian cities, is a cultural and intellectual center. Shiraz also invented Shiraz wine!

Shiraz is the ideal starting point for visiting the ancient capitals the Persian Empire: Pasargadae or Persepolis. You should also stop at the Necropolis on your way between the capitals.

Shiraz tourist attractions

Aramgah-e Shar-e Cheragh is a stunning group of buildings, mausoleums, and mosque. A free English guide is provided by them. Oh, and shador is mandatory for women. It covers all except the face. They will provide one at the door.
Aramgah-e Hzez is the tomb of the great Persian poet Hafez
Eram Garden;
Mosque Nasir-al-molk – The famous Pink Mosque and one of Iran’s most picturesque places. To see the sun’s reflection on the colorful glasses, make sure you arrive before 8h30am. Be ready for crowds
A day tour of Persepolis and Pasargad is possible. You can find a driver/guide at Shiraz’s central city center or book in advance. PS: You can also arrange a taxi driver deal if you want to take the bus to the main station. We also recommend that you hire a guide in Persepolis to help you negotiate with the person at the entrance.

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