Wakanow Summer Vacation Packages

Wakanow Summer Vacation Packages

Summer holidays are rapidly approaching, and the most difficult part is choosing where to go. It can be difficult to choose a summer destination. We’ve made it easy by compiling a list of Wakanow’s summer vacation packages. These packages have been carefully selected to make sure you find the right destination for you. Wakanow will make your summer unforgettable.

Let’s get started!

Summer is defined by beautiful beaches, skyscrapers, and plenty of sunshine. Dubai has all that. It’s no surprise that Dubai is a popular summer destination. It is preparing well for summer by offering amazing discounts on hotels, flights and activities. It’s even better if you have kids as there are plenty of activities to keep them entertained. Enjoy exciting activities for children and adults, such as shopping at souks or dining in top-class restaurants.

Although it is located in the Middle East, it has a strong Mediterranean influence. Lebanon, a beautiful country that boasts some of the most stunning cities in the world, is a great spot for a summer vacation. The country is ideal for those who love vibrant cultures, rich history, shopping, and trying new cuisines.


Kenya’s second-largest city is also a cultural melting pot due to its Asian and Middle Eastern influences. Mombasa’s tropical climate is why so many tourists choose to spend their vacation there. Mombasa is an ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy architecture and history.

This summer, Jordan is your chance to experience Jordan’s rich culture as well as a glimpse into daily Jordanian life. Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on the planet, and Wadi rum to learn more about Jordan’s history. Sit down with locals to add warmth to your vacation. We have you covered!

Because of its stunning scenery, it is a popular holiday destination. This is a great perk because you can enjoy luxury at a lower price. Rwanda is as safe as it is clean, so there are no worries. Rwanda’s rich history, fascinating wildlife, and incredible art scene are just a few of the reasons tourists love to visit.

The country is ideal for honeymooners. The endless beaches, crystal-clear waters, and bars will impress anyone. Mauritius’ culture has a mix of African, Asian, and French influences. You’ll be delighted with the food. To truly experience Mauritius, island hopping is the best way to see it.

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