Welcome to Iran Hotel Booking

Welcome to Iran Hotel Booking

“Iran Hotel Booking” is the specialized booking department of “Arian Tour” travel agency.
There are numerous requests for hotel reservation but unfortunately the quantity of the available hotels in Iran does not match them.

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Payment policy

Due to the political complications and financial sanctions that Iran is dealing with, International banks are not active in our country and credit cards don’t work. So it is literally not possible to have direct transactions with Iran. It means on line booking and purchase of goods and services including hotel reservations is impossible. To overcome this problem, almost all of the enterprises use a third party as their exchange agent, who receives the service fee from clients in Euros, Dollars or other currencies and pays the Iranian part in Rials.
This means that hotel booking through our website, which is a comprehensive directory of Iran hotels, has a special process:
1.  You select your favorite hotel and send us your request
2.  We check its availability during your required dates, book the hotel and send you the quotation and our exchange agent account info
3.  You wire the order amount and send us the transfer documents
4.  We confirm the booking and send you the voucher
This may look a bit long, but at the moment, it is for sure the easiest and most secure way of booking accommodation in Iran.

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